Welcome to DoggyDreamHouse.com!

Welcome to DoggyDreamHouse.com, a new online store for dog supplies!  You may be wondering what makes this website different from all the others.  My name is Clare, and I opened this store because of my love for dogs and to provide high quality products at reasonable prices.  Many of the items can be found in other online and “brick and mortar” stores, but my aim is to include some unique items as well, and to provide an enjoyable shopping experience.

The inventory includes durable toys such as chew toys, ropes, balls and more.  Car seats, seat barriers, collars, harnesses and leashes for dogs are available to make the transit process as smooth as possible. For cleanup, there is an excellent selection of cleaning supplies to help with odor and stains left behind by pets.  The products on the website are handpicked for quality, durability and usefulness to provide a one-stop shop where you can find great products at an affordable price. As the website continues to grow, you can expect to find wonderful new products regularly.

I look forward to receiving questions and feedback from customers which will help me continue to make the website a pleasing and practical destination for all dog lovers.

In addition to finding products on DoggyDreamHouse.com, you can visit this blog for additional product details and information as well as new product updates and tips and tricks for taking the best care of your pets.