A Plush Pet Toy Is Great For Bonding With My New Dog

I never had a pet growing up, but my new dog has been such a joy to have in my life. I got a Pomeranian and I just fell in love with this breed from seeing some around the neighborhood. I love the big, welcoming eyes that she has and that she just looks so happy all the time. I wanted a smaller dog as well, and this dog is just perfect for me.

My little Pomeranian just makes me happy all the time, since she is always full of energy and life. I love bonding with her and I have been excited to get to know her over the last few months. Finding some great dog supplies online has helped me to be taking some really great care of her. The dog supplies include some nice dog toys.

A plush pet toy is just what my dog was needing for enjoying some awesome bonding time with her. I love the tug toy that I got for her and she loves it as well. This toy is a long-body giraffe toy that has a cute design and my dog loves to play with it and to go fetch it. I can toss the toy and she will race around the yard to go get it.