Dog Days, Flea and Tick Products For Dogs

Here we are in August already!  Summer camps and family vacations are winding down and parents and their children are preparing to start school.  Judging from the weather, though, you would never guess that school will soon be starting, although in the South where I live,  and in other parts of our country as well, hot weather will continue through September and into October before we have our first cool front!

August is called the “dog days of summer” for a reason.  Usually the hottest weather occurs during this month and into September, in the northern hemisphere, that is.  I realize that most of you, if you have a dog, are aware that our furry friends are highly vulnerable to the heat if left outside for too long, and should never be left alone in a car, but especially in summer because the car can heat up very quickly to oven-like temperatures.  Fleas and ticks are at their worst this time of year, so this is no time to try and save a little money by lapsing on protection from these parasites.  My online store sells products for dogs at  We carry Advantix II, a nonprescription topical preventative, which protects your dogs not only from fleas and ticks, but also from mosquitoes, biting flies and lice.

If you’ve been a little forgetful lately or just want to try something different from what you’ve been using, why not try Advantix II?  It is a powerful, best selling flea and tick product and is  made for dogs of all sizes.